I Found The Cutest Place in Europe: Burano Island

Monday, December 1, 2014

No, I didn't make a typo in the title. Yes, I know you've heard of Murano island near Venice. But this one also exists. (Even an Italian friend asked me "But you mean Murano, right?". No. I mean Burano.)
Guys, this place is so so cute, and I'm so happy and grateful that people who'd organized the Science of Aphasia conference took us on this trip, otherwise I'd never know about this amazing little island! I mean, look at these houses - and the whole island is like this. They're small, painted in vivid colors, and just so picture pretty, I lost my friends who headed to get some ice-cream - I just had to stop to take a photo, and then again, and again.

Why is Burano so colorful? I have no idea. I read that if someone wishes to paint their home, they must send a request to the government, and then they will allow certain colors. How crazy is that?! I also heard/read that it's like this because drunken fishermen had troubles finding their homes when going back after a day on the sea. Who knows?! 

So, if you happen to find yourself in Venice, apart from strolling its beautiful streets and enjoying all the things Venetian, please, please, reserve one day to visit this cuteness overload. You can reach Burano on vaporetto, and it's approximately 40 minutes away from the city. Totally worth it!

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