Not-So Weekend Reads #7

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here's a pic of Groningen this Saturday, because I still haven't showed you the town I now live in
Oh well, it seems that there comes the time where I cannot even manage to post regularly once a week. I have an excuse though - I came to Serbia last weekend so the days before were all about packing and planing. I already ate some home cooked meals at my parents', went to Belgrade, and now I'm in Novi Sad, visiting my sister... and a dentist. Yep, this girl aged 26 will wear braces as of tomorrow. Eek! But everything for a nice smile, I guess.

Here are some interesting places on the web I stumbled upon recently.

A funny ad on where you should spend your next vacation.

Amazing aerial photos by Zack Seckler.

"I bought a goat" by Amada from the Musical Poem. How you can empower those who have much less (opportunities!) than you.

The whole truth about Instagram. I loved this. It's so accurate!

How Airbnb made an impact on Berlin neighborhoods. An interesting infographic, maybe it convinces you to use Airbnb in the future. And it's a lovely platform, you totally should.

Why you should stop asking this question when you first meet someone. I must admit it got me seriously thinking. I just thought this was the grown-up version of 'what school do you go to?'.

And my favorite one: guys, we can go to Hogwarts now!!! I'm really thinking of applying. Imagine this!!!

Have a nice week everyone. Love ya!


P.S. From the archives, because it's totally appropriate now: why it's good (great! awesome!) to go home after a while abroad. :)

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