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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Being an adult has some wonderful perks and I'd never swap places with my teenage self. As somebody said in a TV show, it sucks not being able to handle drama but needing to live with it every day - think of boys in high school, UGH! However, being an adult has its downsides, too. I'm not entitled to believe in Santa anymore. Nor the Easter Bunny. Nor the Tooth Fairy (not that I need her anymore, but still). You get the point. No more nice characters whose only purpose is to bring you gifts if you've been a good girl. Boy. Whatevs. And at some point years ago we stopped giving presents to each other in the family. Like, we're grown-ups now, who needs gifts?! (I do!)

I guess we turned to a more pragmatic approach. No need to wait for the holidays for, say, new pair of shoes, new nail polish or whatever I need - or think I need. But some magic got lost in the process as well. 

Here's what I would ask from Santa.

Humans of New York book. There are not many things I'm really (but really, really) passionate about. There was - sorry, there IS - Harry Potter, and for a while there was Lady Gaga. And Grey's Anatomy. It's a crazy love and appreciation that doesn't seem to end. I've been loving almost every single story posted by HONY on their Facebook page - I'm sure you're following it too, and if you're not, do it right now and you won't regret it! When Brandon Stanton, the creator of HONY, wrote a HONY book, I knew it was something I needed to have - but I still don't. It's not expensive and it's only a click away from ordering - it's been in my Amazon cart for ages - but I still haven't clicked. Maybe because physical books don't go well with my current lifestyle, that is, packing and moving countries every few months. Maybe because I'm secretly hoping someone will know me so well they would buy it for me. 
Update from a year later: my wonderful friend Erna sent it to me as a birthday gift. I hadn't received birthday gifts for a lifetime, so it seems. This was the best gift ever. E V E R.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. Everybody in the blogosphere seems to be loving this book. I almost bought it in Amsterdam, but I decided I'd spent way too much money that weekend, no need to spend 25 more euros. When I discovered that it is way cheaper on Amazon, I definitely put it on hold (ordering multiple items allows no shipping, but then again, read above, ordering multiple items is not that smart in my case...). Buying a Kindle book? I love my Kindle very much, but I'm a bit superficial when it comes to books that are actually beautiful. I want to have them. There, judge me.
Update from almost two years later: My best friend got this as a present from her Mom, and I borrowed it from her. Well. I can say I'm happy I didn't spend ANY money on it, let alone 25 euros. It's a form of a teenage magazine for those who are a bit older. Honestly, I found it beyond superficial. It does make a good item to be seen on an Instagram photo, and that's it. Also, I cannot help but wonder HOW ON EARTH EVERYBODY LOVES IT SO MUCH?! It's... stupid.

Najnormalniji čovek na svetu, a book by Ivan Tokin (The World's Most Normal Man, translation mine - sorry, haven't found the official one.) Ivan Tokin is a columnist of City Magazine, a free weekly magazine that I used to read religiously back when I lived in Belgrade. His columns were my favorite part, for he wrote such warm short stories. I loved his style. I loved how beautifully he writes about everyday stuff, about things we pass by and don't notice. I loved how he does notice. And now he wrote a book. I can't wait to read it.
Update: by a total coincidence, the author contacted me on Facebook and said that, as I'd previously mentioned on somebody's status, me not having been able to buy the book probably meant that I lived abroad, so he... DRUMROLL.. he offered to send me a copy!!!!!

He was then in a mess for quite some time and I thought he'd forgotten, but then he contacted me again to apologize - good that he did, because I'd already moved to Germany. To cut the story short, the book is now mine mine all mine and isn't this the KINDEST WRITER YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT?!

Oh, and the book is amazing, just as I'd anticipated. I love this man.

Something from Gallery 1250. Last year a group of talented girls and a boy, friends who graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department for Ceramics, opened a store/gallery in Belgrade where they sell their own unique products - mugs, cups, jewellery, plates, Christmas tree ornaments... It was a few days after I had left Serbia, so I only had one chance of visiting Gallery, but I fell in love with it! The things they make are so lovely. My favorite style is the one of Iva Brkić, it's cute and on the edge of kitsch, and I think there hasn't been one thing she's made since I've been following her work that I didn't like. But I also like things others make - last year I bought a pair of earrings by Marija Seman and another pair of earrings (hen-shaped!) and a brooch by Miona Stefanović. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost Marija's earrings in one of the many processes of moving, and I lost one hen earring in Berlin, so I think it's high time I bought an addition - or replacement - to my Gallery 1250 collection. Trivia: 1250 is the number of degrees Celsius needed for ceramics baking. If you live in Belgrade or plan to visit it, I definitely recommend visiting this cute place (perfect for gifts too!). If you speak Serbian, you can find more about the Gallery and the people behind it here.
Update: I bought a pair of similar hen earrings (Miona) and an ice-cream shaped brooch (Iva) :) 

Gadgets. Gadgets are the new shoes. Right now I don't really NEED anything, but this is a wishlist, right? I wish I had a new phone that would not be as slow as my current one. I wish I had a better camera, because the little one I have now is not fulfilling all my needs. I wish I had a smaller and prettier laptop - I've been wanting a Macbook ever since... well, forever - that I can carry around in a bag, not a backpack.
Update from a year later: my phone decided, out of the blue, to die, so I had to go and buy a new one a day later. It was back in October and I somehow managed to buy one of the cheapest phones around, but everywhere I went I've been asked what phone it is because it's so beautiful! And it is, really. As for a Mac, well I've been owning one from few weeks ago as I was given it as a present from my uncle. It's definitely the most beautiful computer ever, but as someone who had been using Windows for 16 years, I'm struggling SO MUCH. It's crazy. I always thought Mac users were faking it when presented with a Windows computer, because all they say is "I don't know how to use this!". Well, now I know they're being honest. It's just SO different! But hey you've gotta pay the price for the beauty :)

What do you want for holidays? Will you get it under the tree or will you have to be your own Santa, like me? I'd love to hear!

Lots of love, and merry Christmas if you celebrate it today! *

P.S. A moderate and an extensive travel wishlists. 

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