Weekend Reads #128

Saturday, March 20, 2021


Hello there! How is everyone? Are you sick and tired of the pandemic already? (That's actually a pretty stupid question.) Got your vaccine? Convinced someone they should, too? Good on you! Here's your weekly dose of the reads I think you might find interesting. I hope you do! Oh, and happy first day of Spring, if you're in the Northern hemisphere; happy Autumn if you're not. :)

The awkward split between young renters and homeowners

Wow, look at these flocks

Now you can get a scent that smells like a bookstore

Two installations by Yayoi Kusama coming to Tate Modern this year. I have been aching to go to London as I haven’t been since 2015, and I hope I will be able to go this year. (Is it too optimistic? Am I delusional?) This will for sure be one of my main stops! I love the Tate anyway! 

The unexpected joy of repeated experiences. Now this is really unexpected!

I noticed three new movies to (have) hit the cinema (is cinema even a thing anymore? streaming services? TV?), and I cannot wait to see the following three (links lead to their official trailers): Minari, Supernova, The Father, and The Nobody.

I had heard about this project on photo requests from solitary confinement before, but this was the first time it prompted me to read more and I was so shocked and saddened to learn about the conditions of solitary. So awful.

This is such a thorough and interesting article about the mysteries of smell and Covid and how they’re connected! You will be reading it for at least half an hour but it’s so, so well written. 

Too cute

What I learned about love when I stopped being honest”. Ugh! A good one. The author grew up in a family that valued the truth much, much more than the others… which presented a problem once the little bird left the nest. 

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.



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