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Monday, January 12, 2015

OK, we get it. I love traveling. Who doesn't? But the thing with me is that it's usually what I'm saving my coins for. On January the first I sat down to have a chat with myself and decide where I should travel in the foreseeable future. Conclusions we drew together? Well, Murrica. I hope so. But I know myself and I know here and there I'll be sneaking onto Skyscanner just to see if there are any cheap, like, really cheap tickets that could get me away for a weekend. I might have seen a lot recently, but there are still many places I haven't been to, but wish I did, so here's where my daydreaming takes me.

Somebody in a Serbian movie once said said "Portugal, it's Brazil in Europe". But when I think of a vacation in Portugal, one word comes to my mind: calm. I might be totally wrong, but there's something soothing in photos from Lisbon. And not to mention how beautiful it seems! Last year I almost went to Lisbon with no plan and a backpack, but when the time came, I had already purchased ticket to Italy and was feeling I should save for that trip. But still, I hope to visit it some day soon.

My heart still aches when it remembers that I had a chance to go to Istanbul two weeks ago. My friend's mom unfortunately got sick and couldn't go to Istanbul with her daughter for the New Year's, and because they had already paid and it was a non-refundable trip, I could have jumped in. But I had left my passport at home and the bus was leaving in two hours from Belgrade, so there was no way I could have gotten it on time. Lesson learned: always, always carry passport around - you never know when you might need it. Anyway, back in September when I was in Rome and posted on Facebook that it was the most beautiful city on Earth, a friend of mine commented with just one word: "Istanbul". And indeed photos from this place are so colorful it almost hurts my eyes! I would love to immerse myself in this city full of history and diverse cultures. 

A close friend of mine moved to Barcelona to do his PhD two years ago so I have a place to stay and a semi-local tour guide - what more can you ask for?! But I still haven't put it in my itinerary. I know few things though: I cannot wait to see Gaudi works, and it has to be April, May or October. A time when it's naturally cold in other places. Beach in May? Yes please!


I was hoping to visit Stockholm when I lived in Finland, but I was quite far from Helsinki and getting to Stockholm was either expensive or time-consuming. And then when I had time, I opted for going home instead - can't blame me. But there's something about this Scandinavian capital and it seems to be getting a big thing lately. It's easy to imagine a minimalist design coffee shop and classy yet casual street style and feel the urge to buy a ticket ASAP.

When people from my hometown hear that I've never been to Budapest, they cannot believe it. Budapest is approximately as close to it as the capital of Serbia, where I studied and lived for years. Yet I've never visited, and apparently I'm missing out a lot, because Budapest seems to be a really lovely city. I really hope to get there soon!

I went to Norway on three occasions, yet I never visited its capital. As Norwegian was my minor in college, I know quite a lot about the city and for years I've been waiting to discover it on my own. Bonus: getting to Oslo from Berlin is really, really cheap (it might well be the cheapest destination in terms of the ticket price). Of course, once there, you'll be left with mouth wide open every time you enter a store or a coffee shop, but hey, you know what you're dealing with. That's why my trip to Oslo has to be a really short one. :)

Another popular destination for people from Serbia that I never visited. Actually, I did drive through it once ten years ago, but that was it. If I recall correctly, it was early in the morning and I was sleepy, so I only had the energy to notice "oh this is lovely". Thanks to internet, now I do know it is lovely, but of course, want to see it first hand.

On the other hand, I've never heard anyone from Serbia having traveled to Vilnius for fun. And actually, the first time I got this idea it was solely thanks to my friend who had just moved there. But it has been years now and we keep on failing to visit each other. Probably not gonna happen this year either - I mean, me visiting him in Lithuania, he's more than welcome to come to my place :) - but you know, it's still on the list.


A friend of mine did his MA thesis there and we had a deal of me visiting him. I was quite excited, but it was tricky with tickets to London last year - whenever I was available, they were ridiculously expensive. He doesn't live in Brighton anymore, but I did some planning and walking along the Brighton pier is on top of my list, so it won't stop me from going. Some day.

What are your travel wishes?

P.S. A Bit More Extensive Travel Wishlist.

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