Not-So Weekend Reads #8

Monday, December 22, 2014

I got up really early one day last week. Taken in Belgrade, Serbia
Hi guys! Being at home is awesome, I've met many friends and had an amazing time and enjoyed my mom's cuisine (I mentioned it a couple of times already, she's the best). This has been one of the quickest weeks this year and it's really saddening because, well, it means I'll only be here for two more! And then back to the routine. How was your week?

Again I'm not delivering the links for the weekend reads, but more of a "start your week nicely" read. I mean, you miiight be still at the office, right? Anyway, here they are.

How to start living the life of your dreams, by a girl who did it. Good thing to think about now a few days before a year ends and another one starts.

Planning some traveling in 2015? Here's why you should do it solo if you're a girl. (And hey, anyway!)

A Serbian artist I happened to stumble upon. Website in English and full of his interesting work!

New York in the wintertime. After I had posted this on my FB, a friend of mine who's from there said it looks like this before it all turns mushy and brown - and it takes around 3 hours. Yeah, I know, it's totally imaginable (that's why I hate winter in cities), but this looks totally adorable. I'm not quite objective when it comes to NYC.

Love you all,


P.S. I now really promise to write some more about Italy and whatnot these days, so make sure to stop by!

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