Not-So Weekend Reads #6 - Happy Monday!

Monday, December 8, 2014

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Hey there, it's time for another round of #WeekendReads - at least it was time three days ago, but my assignments got me. It's getting seriously cold here in the Lowlands that most of the times I just stay inside wrapped in a blanket. Last week I somehow managed to watch the first season of a TV series I'm too ashamed to publicly admit which one it is; but hey, guilty pleasures, right! Everybody's got some. ;) I'm also trying to squeeze in some movies, and apparently I won't watch everything I have on my computer by the end of the year, because (drumroll) it ends in a few weeks. Huh! It's been one hell of a ride, this 2014. Probably my favorite year so far.

Some amazing projects by the photographer Gabriele Galimberti. My favorite one: CouchSurfing!

Have you ever felt your language (or your second language) is lacking a word for something you want to say? Here are some words that could be used in English.

A simple (so it seems) and beautiful DIY.

How to find your purpose and do what you love. Still haven't got there myself.

I love these photos.

13 things every woman learns by the age of 26. That's my age, yep. And the fourteenth and most important: no online article is telling me what I should or should do because it matches my age.

Incredibly cute illustrations by a girl from Croatia. She hadn't posted anything for a while and I was so happy to see a new illustration in my News Feed the other day!

Have a lovely week everyone!


P.S. If you haven't, check out my survival guide to winter!

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