Weekend Reads #125

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Well, it seems we only gather here to mark big occasions, such as birthdays and Christmases :) I hope everyone is well—as much as one can be. Stay safe, friends. Drink plenty of fluids, wear masks, wash your hands, find ways to stay connected, but you've done all this, haven't you? Pandemic fatigue is a thing, and I urge you to continue with best practices, and maybe we'll live freely again soon. Call your loved ones if they're away, don't make any drastic New Year's resolutions, or don't make any at all. Read good books and be kind. Here are some internet reads I thought you might enjoy.

I included this one in my Weekend Reads a couple years ago, and I never publish anything twice. (Not to brag, but that means you could have seen more than a thousand links here over the years!) Well, this is a first, because I think it's especially important now: How to take care of yourself if you're sad during the holidays

Same goes for this one: How to show up for a friend during the holidays.

And now to your regular Weekend Reads program...

What if friendships, not love, was at the center of life? A really interesting read, I enjoyed it. 

When art is also activism – these names are underlined in red as unknown words or errors. These are black names

Hahaha, the stages of insomnia. So good. 

This is so cool and weird.

Other countries have social safety nets. The US has women.”

Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics

Have you heard of the Earthshot prize

Everyone gets a cuddle buddy in Belgium’s new lockdown.

A lengthy read that I really enjoyed: a family within or outside racial categories in America.

My heart swelled with these Christmas lights made from kids’ drawings

Haha, they are so cute.

Take care! See you sometime in 2021!

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