Weekend Reads #115

Friday, February 7, 2020

Hello again! I'll be quick as I'm in the middle of housework, going to work later, and with an enormous to-do list for the weekend. I'm a list woman, but sometimes I just wish to do nothing for two straight days. Which does happen, and I should obviously be more thankful when it does :) Also, here's a shoutout to one of my most amazing friends who celebrates her big 30 today. Happy birthday, Ivana! 💖 As for the rest of you, enjoy your weekend, minimize your own to-do lists, and have a look at some cool weekend reads below...

Is emotional labor just a lot of, well, labor?

I did know that periods were hard for a lot of women in the world. Some of this information, though, I hadn’t known before.

Lol, this is such a bitter article! But I do agree: birth weeks are not a thing.

Millennials are not asking for, but demanding work-life balance

Did you know why parmesan cheese is so expensive? It's because of how it's made. A wonderful video if you ask me - then again, I love everything cheese-related.

Have you seen Hustlers? Here’s the story behind the movie. Pretty epic! 

Haha, this was fun. On fucking up in the kitchen and why it’s good.

Instagram cliches—how many are you guilty of?!

Have the loveliest weekend!


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  1. Have a good weekend T! I have 63 to do list to tick-off this weekend (most probably will tick 3 of those) Happy Birthday to Ivana <3 Ps. I am guilty of celebrating birthday week :S


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