Quarantine Reads #2

Monday, May 4, 2020


Unlike last time, when my update was long and thorough, I don't have much to update anyone on. I mean, we've all been staying at home, right? It's not like you care what I do at work, haha. I might update you on all the screen time I've had that didn't involve reading, but that deserves another post sometime when "this" is over. By the way, "this" seems to be over in Serbia in two days. I'm quite wary of the fact and honestly won't be returning to life as before. Heck, we're not even returning to the office any time soon. I'm afraid that the sudden opening of restaurants and cafes might result in a surge of numbers two weeks from now, but let's wait and see. In the meantime, here are some quarantine links for you to take a look at. Stay safe!

On Distancing

The answer to all your loophole questions on physical distancing is no.

Maps of life under lockdown. (Especially loved seeing the one from Auckland with Pak’n’Save and the Auckland Tower!)

We don’t just need to connect, we need to reconnect. I’d love to reconnect with some of my master’s studies colleagues, what about you? 
(This is a New York Times link, and non-subscribers have access to, I think, 10 articles a month. Bear this in mind if you read something from there, so you can choose between articles I linked here.)

On Kind People

John Krasinski hosted a virtual prom for the world’s quarantined high school students. I may or may not have cried a little.

This thread on twitter is a crowd-sourced pile of reminders on what people have learned in therapy about the current situation. You can read it even if you don’t have a twitter account.

On Staying at Home and Generally Staying Sane

Working from home during a global pandemic bingo. How many have you scored? I went from a stark “nah, none of this applies to me” to getting around 13.

I had snack plates acting as meals many more times than I would like to admit and I don’t even care.

Loved loved loved this initiative on making “stay home, stay sane” posters for people from around the world. Currently at 1552 contributions from 81 countries. You can see all of them or choose a specific country!

On the comfort of pajamas.

The joy of letting go, yasss! (NYT)

The official recipe for Ikea meatballs. https://kottke.org/20/04/the-official-recipe-for-ikea-meatballs
How to get through isolation with your family when you’d rather be somewhere anywhere else.

Don’t look down! Applicable in a range of situations.

On Hobbies and Other Pastime

All the ways I failed at self-improvement. I feel any of us could have written this, haha.

PSST… – The Pedestrians’ Society of Space & Time. So cute!

We’re not really “hanging out with friends” at the moment, BUT we’re still texting and seeing them online. So take some notes when a book or restaurant or recipe is mentioned!

Are you watching Mrs America? I was genuinely shocked in the first episode, but here’s a great analysis of how patriarchy made Phyllis Schlafly.

I am soooo not a DIY person, but this DIY ice dye looks easy!

On Everything Else

Wealth shown to scale. This is legit uncomfortable to watch. (But important nevertheless.)

Earth Day was celebrated in April, and here’s what has changed since it was first established 50 years ago. Not all news is bad, on the contrary! (NYT)



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