Weekend Reads #119

Saturday, June 13, 2020

...And now, back to the regular program!

Everything around me does seem regular, apart from a person here and there wearing a mask. So, is this it? Are we back to normal? Entered the new normal? I have no idea. But I do have some cool reads for you, and hope you enjoy the weekend, whatever your plans may be. Have a good one!

“Welcome to Botnet, where everyone is an influencer.” Wow, loved this! So interesting in so many ways.

This might be the perfect Venn diagram.

On alone time and why you should have it.

Haha, this resonated with me so much: on how to rock a sports bra and why you should.

An upbeat jazzy cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart Again might be one of the best things I heard lately.

This captivated the internet a while ago. Do you have an internal monologue? (I don't!) 

How to make DIY socks.

Omg, do you remember this???



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  1. i don't think so we could be normal again! we lost over beloveds we lost our doctors and more we are in crises our GDP collapsed many of us lost their jobs live Private Jet Sgfired their workers. nothing seems normal.


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