Weekend Reads #114

Friday, January 31, 2020

Haha, apparently, it's Friday again! It's also the last day of the month, and even though sense tells us January lasts just as much as all the other months of 31 days, I'm prone to thinking otherwise! Moreover, my monthly pay lands on next Tuesday, so, as someone said on Twitter, my January extends to the next weekend! Oops! On the other hand, welcoming February means we're closer to other good things we scheduled this year. I hope you have, too :)

In case you don't care about the passing of the time, but my weekly round of links around the web, I've got you covered. :) Enjoy!

Babies would rather talk to other babies than listen to our baby talk! (This also reminds me of a lot of studies I used to read back in college!)

This is so, so beautiful, and a true life goal.

Welcome to Menstrualand, the world’s first period theme park.

Baths are the coffee of the evening. Mhmmm. (I have a shower tub 😓)

Glossary of mom terms: this is so cute!

Which one of these is your sleeping position on a plane?

How to hustle without burning out. Yes! And the whole Working Woman’s Handbook, if you’d like to read.

Going green(ish): how to stop using paper towels. In my experience, we used kitchen towels my whole childhood, so paper towels seemed like a new and improved version. Now we’re going back. (When I say we, I mean the mankind)

Happy weekend!


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