Weekend Reads #109

Friday, November 29, 2019

Here goes! I was supposed to start this edition with "hello from the wonderful Berlin", but I just—pardon this excuse—didn't feel like it. The post was ready, but the night before my backpack got stolen. It wouldn't have been such an issue if it hadn't contained my wallet together with all my money (I know, I know, I usually don't carry all my cash around, but this time it happened), my ID, my health insurance card, all bank cards... then a hand cream that cost half as much in Berlin as it does here at home (that still pisses me off), gloves, liquid lipstick my sister gave me for my birthday, mini mascara, my favorite Prada sunglasses that I saved up for, and let's not forget my PASSPORT with my American visa that was valid for seven more years, that I never used so far, that I was looking forward to using next spring, and that I have to apply for again... paying money, again, and being at risk of being denied, or being given a visa of two months or six months or whatever. Now you may see why I wasn't so keen on being merry happy and announcing weekend.

It is what it is, though, and even though I was hoping that whoever got my bag was happy enough with the cash and sunnies and would leave the bag somewhere for someone to find it, it hasn't happened. I am slowly starting all the processes of obtaining my new documents. It is such a pain in the ass, and heartache, because I had developed a detailed savings plan for my spring break in the States and literally every euro mattered and now I'm dealing with a huge setback both financially (stolen money + money for the new passport & the visa) and logistically (what if I'm denied the visa??). Wish me luck!

Anyway, as I've pretty much recovered, mentally at least, here are some Weekend Reads for you... 

Oh, remember Goop? It’s live and running and here’s what it actually sells women.

How to make new friends as an adult. (For those who dread the idea of doing the above, haha.)

Love these strolling flowers! (What? Yes, exactly what it says!)

I can never get enough of wildlife photography! Or photography in general!

P.S. Apart from the stolen backpack part, Berlin was great! It was a proper 7-days vacation, we went to museums, we ate, we drank coffee, we chilled, I shopped, and I cannot wait to do it all again! :) Some visual impressions on my Instagram, especially in the Berlin 19.2 Highlights!

P.P.S. Recommendations for a good quality backpack, but not the one I need to rob a bank for? Same goes for a good wallet? Thanks!

P.P.P.S. If you're in the States, I hope you had a lovely holiday, and eat some leftover turkey for me! 

Have a great weekend!

Love, Tihana

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