Weekend Reads #85

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hello people! The negative trend in regards to my #WeekendReads continues. I usually try to include at least ten links, which I failed miserably last week, and I am failing again. If you read some interesting content on a regular basis, please let me know! I don't feel I consume less online content than usually, but it's less interesting, less enticing, less share-worthy... I don't know. Maybe it's me. Anyway, here's a couple of links. Have a great weekend!

Some nice people (yes, that's probably you!) have been nudging me to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but I still resist. I did enjoy the Seven things you're not supposed to talk about by This American Life though! 

You've probably heard of the breathtakingly beautiful Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. (If not, google them and then book a flight.) This time the photos are a bit different: they depict Plitvice's underwater life, and they're all taken by the photographer Marinko Babić.

A bit old one: it was posted on my Facebook wall by a friend almost five years ago and I never had the time to see it (what a lie) until a few days ago. So, here's the worst decision ever made in the Harry Potter universe

Have you heard of the Korean skincare routine? With its 10 steps (yes!! ten!! and ten products!!), it sounds so overwhelming, but I've read people swearing by it. What do you think? 

I want this

Old news for linguists (me, me) and anthropologists, but could be interesting for others: a short video explaining the pattern for color names around the world.

Joanna and her team offer two free months at Skillshare and yes I hope I'll manage to squeeze some time for this! It would be a shame not to.

Hugs from down under!


Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

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