Weekend Reads #87

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hello lovely people! I am still going through the interesting-reads-slump, but I'm getting back there. On the road to there, at least! On the other hand, I did create instead, and my post on what you should do if you're a first-time visitor to London is something I'm really proud of, so check it out if you haven't. Oh, and it's really beginning to feel like spring, which is weird. September is meant to be fall. And have a great weekend!

The greatest internet recipe comment plus the story behind it. Funny!

Americans drew brand logos from memory. These are so funny, but I wonder how I would do. Poorly, probably!

Why other animals love capybaras so much. I had never seen this animal prior to visiting Auckland Zoo. It's funny, I thought it looked like a mouse-goat hybrid; apparently, it reminded the author of the article of a rat-pig one, so it definitely looks weird to a lot of people!


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