Weekend Reads #86

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'm taking advantage of the time difference and writing this post on a Saturday afternoon, knowing that the majority of my audience is in Europe and America. 🙈 My overall feeling about Weekend Reads, that I mentioned last week, is still present, but it may be due to my taste becoming more refined? Who knows. Have a great weekend! (Or what's left of it, in case you live closer to me.)

The life circle of a shirt. A must watch, especially if you weren't around at the time I published a post on the true cost of our behavior.

Relationship problems? Try getting more sleep.

Another read on women and photography, but not a triumphant one. Quite the contrary—Nikon picked 32 photographers to promote a camera, and all 32 were men.

On cross-dressing throughout history and why it isn't transgenderism.

Haha, here's some budget photography gear

A visual history of lunchboxes. (What's your favorite? Mine is the girl riding a bike.)

Btw, has anyone tried this face wash (or any other from the same line)? I want to! 

Talk to you soon!


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