Weekend Reads #65

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hi there! I got home an hour ago and had no idea what to do the first: eat? Have coffee? Publish Weekend Reads? (Should have happened earlier today, internet issues!) Sleep? Organize the mess? Believe it or not, I wanted it all at the same time! Who else has an endless to-do list on a Friday?
Well, here are the links I know hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!
P.S. I ate. And made coffee. And here I am now, obviously not sleeping.

A Tumblr blog of a simple name Photos Worth Seeing. I could scroll all day long!

If you want to make this girl happy, give her photos of Berlin. Though it might be counterproductive because she will feel miserable she's not right there. Anyway, here are some photos of Berlin in the 80ies.

Remember the post I wrote about the movie The True Cost? It's been more than a year since and my shopping habits have changed drastically. (OK, it would be more honest to say I've been avoiding shopping in general, but I never enter H&M and Zara just to see what's in.) It's not just some hippies talking about it anymore, it being that fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world, next to big oil.

Girls daily life—a series of sensual naturally lit photographs, picturing the intimacy of regular daily activities of regular girls.

Weird hobbies of artists (via TheSadBear).

Are you this persistent?

It's not wrong, just different. Read about some amazing features of languages in the world. Finding it hard to comprehend? Of course. It's unlike any other language you've ever learned. And that makes it exciting. ;) (I'm a linguist by education, so naturally this gives me goosebumps.)

Going more in depth with one of the issues mentioned in the previous article: how the Piraha language does not match the universal criteria of human language and cognition. It's a lengthy read, but so so interesting!

An amazing Shanghai video. Makes me really want to go back to that city.

Ending with the cutest set of photographs you'll see today, or this week. Enjoy!

P.S. Happy belated Thanksgiving to my American readers! :insert envious emoji that feels like eating stuffed turkey:
P.P.S. Happy new Gilmore Girls to all those celebrating! I just started watching GG for the first time ever this week—yes, I've never really watched more than one episode when it was on TV and I was passing by or something—and it's super cute! I was told by a dear person I remind them of both Lorelai and Rory. I don't mind. 👼

Love, Tihana

Photo by Unsplash

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