Foggy Home

Sunday, February 8, 2015

One morning in December I had to get up really early because I had a contract to sign somewhere in Belgrade (I'll spare you the details). The venue was really far away from my friend's place, and honestly I don't even remember when I'd gotten up that early the last time... Anyway, it was a very foggy morning, and as I was done at about 8:15 and had nothing to do until 3 PM, I decided to take a walk instead of a bus and just hang around by myself. And my precious Belgrade. I've always had a feeling of home there, which annoyed my parents when I was at the beginning of my studies there, but after some years they got used to it. I like places easily - I fall in love with places easily. There are a ton of places where I would like to live just for a little while, if not more - if only I could be a nomad! But there is not one single place in the world that makes me feel like Belgrade does.

The love, the happiness, the joy, the urge to hug a city, all combined. I've given it a lot of thought after I came back to Holland from Christmas break and I'm afraid I want to live in Belgrade. Why afraid, you might ask - well, let me use a euphemism, it's not really the best place to live right now. But could love make up for that? I don't know. If my mom reads this, she'll go mad. Lately it's been all about young people leaving Serbia in search for a better life, and here I am, longing to satisfy my soul with the opposite. 

Well, enough with the blabbering. I took some photos that morning and wanted to share with you guys. Wild as they may seem, they're actually taken really close to the city center. Crazy, huh? 

Where is your home? Are you living in it right now, and in that case, are you enjoying it? Or is it somewhere else? I'd love to hear your experiences. Recently I was told they envy me because they don't have the feeling of home anywhere. It really made me sad. 

I wish you a nice and cozy Sunday!


  1. Secam se tih dana... :) Prelepe fotke <3

  2. Hi Hannah, and welcome! The Robin Williams street art was made in one night, the one it was announced he had died. This was a way to commemorate him.
    I'm glad you understand the feeling! Sometimes it takes me a while to develop feelings towards a place, sometimes it happens in a moment. But it mostly lasts a lifetime :)

  3. Hvala :) setila sam se da ti se nisam javila zimus za kafu, al' ima vremena :)


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