Weekend Reads #12

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lately I've been dreaming actively of going somewhere south, where it's summer, where it's warm, where you don't need a coat and an oversized blanket-like scarf. It's so cold here! Plus, my word of the week: tired. Or even exhausted. There comes the time when I wonder why on Earth I got into grad school. But of course, there are great things about it, like... um... for example... well, we better proceed to this week's links.

If you're on a tight schedule when visiting a city - say, having a long layover or you bumped into cheap return tickets but they're for the same day - maybe this is what you need. 

You go to museums to see works of art. Ever wondered what they see?

Winter inspired colors. (Speaking of which, do you too feel you've had enough of it? Too bad we have to wait at least two more months for the first signs of spring.)

Do you have a say in who you fall in love with? Apparently you could.

THE MOST AMAZING collection of infographics, tips & tricks on healthy eating. You will bookmark this one, I swear.

Considering moving abroad? Here's an infographic on costs of living worldwide.

The most touching thing I've seen this year. It's a TED talk. Surprised?

What are your plans for the weekend?
I only have one word: assignments. Urgh.

Love, Tihana

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