First Impressions: Berlin

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ok, the camera is here (hooray!) and it's the prettiest little pink baby ever, but I still owe you some snapshots I took with my phone. I didn't manage to update this blog as regularly as I thought I would, because I had to meet a lot of friends who either live in Berlin or have just been travelling so this was their stop. All of them are from Serbia and actually I had a more lively social life in Berlin this month than in my hometown for ages! (I had been living there for the last six months before moving to Germany and had only two friends there, and that is so different from what I was used to in Belgrade, where I had studied. And guess what, I met some really cool people on my very last day in my hometown!)

Anyway, Berlin. I'm not yet sure what I think of the city. I will let myself explore it for few more days before I move to Finland, and then make the final decision. Maybe not even then. I'm coming back here in March, so time will tell. :)

Weltzeituhr. And Belgrade. :)
Berliner Dom
An art exhibition near the Berliner Dom: Diversity Destroyed: Portrait Exhibition.
It is an open air exhibition portraying artists, writers, teachers, scientists and
other people significant on the Berlin cultural scene in the 1930 who
fell victim to the Nazi regime. Read more here.
Street market
Berliner Bear!
Brandenburg Gate
Street art
English books (more inside :))  on the Mauerpark flea market.
Mauerpark is the most vibrant place in the world!!! Every Sunday there is
a flea market there, and you can purchase (and bargain for) books, jewelry,
retro clothes, shoes, kitchen equipment, vintage cameras... whatever
you want! 
Buying a kitchen? Wanna go retro?
It is so lovely to see all the people just sitting on the grass,
chilling, drinking or having a picnic - whether it be friends, couples or even
families with small children. There are also people playing music. I'm not sure
if they do it for living, but they definitely do it for fun!
I don't know what had happened here with the bicycles, but afterwards
there was some kind of karaoke here. Only it wasn't karaoke :)
Anyone from the audience could get on the stage and sing whatever
they liked, using real microphone and there was the original
music. I listened to two girls. One was great and the other one not so good,
but it was really nice anyway and I bet it felt really awesome.
Eastern sweets
Tea, anyone?
This crazy guy danced to a really crazy music. If you can read the banner,
please like him on Facebook! :)

My friend & I
Anyone who has read the book knows why I took this one.
It was so strange to find myself in a place I know from a book that tells about
distant places and something that happens to other people.
It's the We Children from Bahnhof Zoo, of course.
I'm reading it again now.  
The view from the Wombats City Hostel.
In coming posts you'll see that I find the Fernsehturm very very inspiring. :)
A good idea should always be rewarded. I guess that's also what the bartenders
were thinking.

Talk to you soon! Take care! T.

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