First Impressions: Potsdam, Germany

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I don’t have a camera…! I certainly didn't want to begin blogging with this sentence, but hey, a girl cannot control everything. Well, I do have one that I got for my 17th birthday (and that was quite a long time ago), but it’s really old and even my phone camera is better, and that’s why I didn’t want to bring it along. So I’m buying a new camera as soon as I get my scholarship, which should happen soon, and until then I’m going to serve you some Instagram snaps I took since I moved. (If you follow me on Instagram, sorry for doubling, but I inserted more detailed captions here ;))

And this is not what I had expected at the welcome reception!
This is where I live at the moment, student dorm in Potsdam. They misspelled my surname :) I live in the middle building, and the photo of the view and the thermometer was taken when I thought it was above 30 degrees... Unfortunately it was only because the sun was shining at the thermometer directly. The note is in Serbian,a welcome gift from a colleague from the same program, but a year ahead of me.
The wrapping of my very first Starbucks coffee here. (We Serbs are a little bit sentimental when it comes to Starbucks, because we don't have it in Serbia. At least I am!) The tiny man is a bad character from the Smurfs and I got it from a Kinder Surprise egg, which we all got on the first day at Nastia and Toivo's, who are also older colleagues of ours and who made us a delicious welcome dinner. And "It's time for new life" note? I got it in my mailbox and it's actually an invitation to Sunday service and Bible study, which I'm not gonna attend, but I loved the note very much.
This is the center of Potsdam!

Potsdam, city center
Potsdam, city center, Brandenburger Tor
Something I understand :)
Potsdam, city center
What I ate and what I could eat. Nutella is unbelievably cheap in comparison to its price in Serbia. And if I wanted some Serbian taste, I could try ćevapčići! (I bet they don't taste the same though :))

Potsdam, city center, at dusk
My favorite pattern in the world!

The Am Neuen Palais campus of the University of Potsdam. Not the one where I attend classes though. Too bad!
I don't know what a bicycle has to do with frozen yogurt :)
Mensa - students' dining hall - well, we don't eat inside
the hall on a nice day :) @my campus
Cute mailbox

These are quite common
One of the palaces in Potsdam

Hollandisches Viertel - The Dutch quarter in the center of Potsdam

The Dutch quarter

The Dutch quarter

Breakfast... eating healthy :)
Pfaueninsel - The Peacock Island near Berlin
And this is one of my favorites! Not because of the pattern (which I love), but because of the name on the cup. This is how the girl who works at Starbucks heard mine :)

Love y'all!

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