Rainy Tidbits of Potsdam, Germany

Monday, September 23, 2013

We had a guided Potsdam tour today. Our guide was a really cool and funny lady and the two hours flew so fast. With the photos I took I'm not as satisfied, though. (Of course, please don't laugh at my photos, you my friends who try to do artsy photography - you know who you are!) I hate taking pictures in cloudy weather, because the lighting is so bad. However, despite the weather and the fact that it is so small and it seems to me that nothing ever happens here, Potsdam is - I must admit - a beautiful town.

Photo above: Sanssouci Palace, summer residence of King Frederick the Great, and its terrace

The town is famous for its castles (today I learned that there are 11 of them), and many tourists visiting Berlin come to Potsdam as well to see them. Potsdam was a hunting residence of the Prussian elector, then the residence of the Prussian royal family. During WW2 it was bombed several times, and later on it belonged to East Germany, controlled by the Soviet Union - and the remains of that time, socialistic architecture buildings, can be seen in the town together with impressive rococo buildings. And the most important thing, our guide taught us so - the Potsdam Brandenburg Gate is the first one, not the Berlin one! :)

Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas' Church) and a socialistic building at the Alter Markt (Old Market) Square; plus some street ar

The Neuer Markt (New Market) Square

A canal used to be here

Will the real Brandenburg Gate please stand up?

Entrance to Park Sanssouci

Neues Palais - New Palace

How do you like it?

Love, T.

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