Weekend Reads #94

Friday, December 7, 2018

Hello everyone and hope you're having a lovely Friday!

Weekend Reads have been M.I.A. for ages now, but that doesn't mean I read and bookmarked any less than usual. Hopefully we can continue where we left off now. Without further ado, enjoy this week's reads! Oh, and this actually means not everything is fresh out of the oven, but I hope that it will be a good read nevertheless.

When the racist is someone you know and love. A touching story on being different, seeing different and letting comments slide.

Some really, really cool advice about traveling.

WHAT!? An illiterate teacher, and we're not talking a remote village in the middle of the Pacific, but 20th century America.

Polar bear patrol makes sure both people and the bears stay safe in an Alaskan town.

One skya collaborative project with almost 90 artists and one instruction: look up.

You might have heard about a marshmallow experiment from the sixties that tested willpower in kids. Well, apparently there were some variables that weren't taken into account back then. See the update.

Have a wonderful weekend! Talk soon!

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