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Friday, June 14, 2019

Well, hello. Here I am again with my Weekend Reads. How long has it been, six months, a year? So long I am too embarrassed to even call myself a blogger anymore. But there’s something that doesn’t let me let this place go, and even though I might never be read by more than just a handful of people, it’s this handful that makes me happy.
So, I’ve obviously never stopped consuming (way too much) media, even though I wasn’t here to share. But I kept a record of everything I might want to share in the future (the future being this moment), so here goes. Please excuse the outdated links. Sorry if you read some of them already. Sorry they’re old. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you haven’t stumbled upon so far, and it will make you chuckle or wonder or whatever it is these links make you do. So this is why I’m here, again.

This time I won’t promise I’ll be regular to posting. Life gets in the way, you know? At almost 31, I cannot pretend that’s not the case, and I don’t want to pretend I can schedule every hour of the week. Sometimes you just need to chill, and that’s okay.

An ode to stop motion animation—a very meta 3-minute video.

Women's voices are deeper today than they used to be.

Something I can relate to, and it has nice photos of food that could have been taken in any of our kitchens: toast saves the day.

Haha, this is cool to know: what astronauts eat.

I moved a zillion times in the past five years. I almost always opted for furnished places because they make life so much easier. But!!! I wish I had known about Feather Furniture (and of course that they were available in Europe or New Zealand). What a wonderful option for having beautiful furniture!

"What podcasts taught me about life". I still haven't jumped on the podcast bandwagon, because apparently, I'm not as cool as I think. And because there's less time in a day than I need. But I do love listening to NYT's Modern Love while doing the dishes.

This was such cool a walk down the memory lane: how the shared family computer protected us from our worst selves

11 writers on their most embarrassing 13-year-old memories. Love love love! Btw, I still haven't seen Eighth Grade - have you?

Why you should or you shouldn't do yoga. Not for the splits!

Science is usually fun for scientists, but sometimes to others as well, like, for example, it claims that goats love it when we smile at them.

This might the number one makeup story that has ever resonated with me: "I'm a competent adult, but eyeshadow terrifies me." Btw I recently (not so recently) bought this palette so we'll see what I do with it!

This is long overdue, but so powerful it’s worth taking a look: 2018. in pictures.

Hope you've found something interesting. Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Ćao,

    skoro sam otkrila tvoj blog i uživam u weekend reads rubrici, mnogo mi se dopada. Ne smeta što su neki linkovi i vesti "stari", bar meni, pošto kada sam ih otkrila, čitala sam i ono što si objavila pre par godina. :)

  2. Ćao Nado,
    Hvala ti puno i dobro došla! :) Kao što rekoh ovde, ne znam da li ću stizati da budem redovnija, ali ti svrati, pa ako bude nešto novo (kao današnji Weekend Reads), čitamo se :)


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