Weekend Reads #27

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello you! If you're here, it means that you're probably an internet junkie, because what on Earth brought you here otherwise? Sorry, just joking, I LOVE having you here and I'm really grateful you bumped into this online space of mine! :) What I wanted to say is, you've probably seen yesterday's BIG news, but I have to repeat it once again because it's just beyond awesome. Supreme Court of the US ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Love Wins, and way to go, America!

As for the rest of this week's links, here they are. Have a great day, friend!

You've probably seen these, but they're so cute and adorable I had to share!

Advice for people in their twenties. So simple, yet so good.

An awesome packing guide by Geneva from A Pair And A Spare. I bookmarked it. (Also, check out her blog, I love it.)

What happens when you try to have an Instagram feed like a pro. (I loved loved loved this!)

If film directors were architects.

Crazy trend in styling dogs in Japan.

Things to worry about - as stated by F. Scott Fitzgerald in a letter to his daughter. A beautiful one.

Kids watching TV. Sleepy girls are my faves, haha!

Oh my! An abandoned village in China.

This girl is amazing.

Jessica Alba is a true #girlboss.

P.S. Not so long ago I was interviewed by the lovely girls from the Multicoolty portal. It's a website for and about expats in Germany, so there you are, I'm just one, not a celebrity... yet haha. Check it out here.

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