The Capital of Good Eats - Trastevere

Monday, January 19, 2015

You might remember my post about Rome - if you haven't seen it, make sure you read my ode to the most beautiful city ever! I mentioned having gone to Trastevere on the first day to have me some foodies. That's also what I did the following days, because a) it's a beautiful quarter, b) the food is no less than amazing. I didn't quite catch the best time of the day for taking photos, but I hope you'll enjoy. On your next trip to Rome, don't miss this part, please don't, you can miss Colosseum and Forum and everything but under no circumstances should you miss Trastevere! Just trust me and see for yourself. You'll be happy you listened to my advice. :)

Have you ever been to Trastevere?

Love, Tihana

P.S. Today is my wonderful Mom's birthday and I'm sending her the tightest hugs (even though she then feels as if she's gonna die out of my tenderness) - love you, Mom! 

P.S. Rome Day 1 & What Solo Travel Taught Me.

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