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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I was first thinking of sharing with you my favorite movies I watched last year, because I really tried watching as many as possible, and I enjoyed my new hobby (can that be called a hobby?) very much. But then, since I didn't post my #WeekendReads last week, I thought I might actually go further and share my fav online places, as well as books I read. Not many of those, unfortunately. (Anyone else having a hard time finding time for reading??) Sooo, here we go. I hope you like my recommendations. If you have any, please feel free to leave them in the comment section, as well as your comments on things from my list you liked or disliked!

I'm one of those people who happen to have never watched certain cult movies that everyone else has seen. But I'm trying to get there! And I love movies in general, so as soon as I see any recommendation I find interesting, I write the title down and then watch some time later. My list is enormously long - I have around 70 movies on my computer I still haven't seen, along with another hundred titles that are waiting to be either downloaded or watched online. And of course, it keeps growing... So what are my favs I saw last year? Please note: not all of them are actually from 2014.

When I was younger I was up to date with Oscar nominees and winners, but somewhere along the way I stopped watching them. I have no idea why. I'm a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan ever since Titanic (I was nine, who can blame me?), so I was really hoping he would have won the Academy Award last year even though I hadn't seen The Wolf of Wall Street at the time. But then a friend of mine said (and a huge number of people agreed) that she realized, when she saw Dallas Buyers Club, there was no way he would win, because Matthew Mcconaughey did an amazing job in that one. So naturally, I was beyond curious. And what can I tell - he really did. This was probably the best movie I saw last year. Reminded me that a vision and a spirit can take you a long, long way. And also that the health is the most important thing there is. And to use a condom. 

I know this one is ten years old, but somehow it never reached my computer nor TV before. Well, better late than never, right? I fell in love with it wholeheartedly. If you had a chance to delete all your memories on the loved and lost one, would you do it? I would never. The two characters, however, did that. What happened then is a story different than all the others that can be found. I'm hopelessly romantic sometimes, that's why I enjoyed this so much. If you are too, you won't regret watching this movie.

Not many of my friends liked this one, but I loved it - and not only because of my future husband Leo. The rise and fall at their best. Given enough grit and persistence you can reach the stars, like the small town stockbroker did in the movie. Not quite legally though, but hey. Can you also stay there with the same qualities? That's up to you. 

Also a classic that I hadn't seen before. In the first half I was like "ok, what is all the fuss about?". But then it all happened and my eyes were glued to the screen, my mouth wide open and I kept pausing so I could send texts to a friend saying WHAT IS THIS - WHAT IS HAPPENING - I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS - THIS IS AWESOME. 
So, chances are that you've seen this, because everyone has. In case you haven't DO IT RIGHT NOW. I'm not joking. You can read the rest of this post later.

I read the book in 2013 and wasn't really bought. But I'll be honest and admit why I liked the movie - so.much.glitter. Literally. The soundtrack is awesome, the outfits are sparkling, everything is just too much of everything. It's like Gossip Girl of the 1920s  - rich people with nothing much to do. And we watched it because we were curious and well, because we'll never experience that firsthand.

Again something so old that it's probably older than some of my readers. At least the first part of the trilogy, Before Sunrise - also my favorite one. Before Sunset is OK, Before Midnight is a bit boring but I knew I wanted to complete the collection. Before Sunrise might inspire you to hop on the train alone. Also might make you jealous because such love stories never happen in real life. But there's something so magical in it. I especially loved how neither of the two characters is predictive. They're both intelligent and funny. And they got to have the best night ever. So unfair.

I found this movie to be unbelievably warm and nice, but when I rewatched it with my parents, they were like "this is just silly". So it might have been two adults vs. a romantic story lover. Whom do you trust more? If it happens to be me, you might enjoy a story about family, father-son relationship, unexplainable events in life and an ability to tell great stories. Do they really have to be 100% true? 

Best spent 8 euros last year! (At least I think that's how much the movies ticket was.) Way to go, Disney. I laughed and cried and loved Angelina Jolie. I had no idea what to expect, and the movie swept me away. If you're looking for something that's not a classical Disney damsel-in-distress story, look no further. You'll love it.


While 2013 was all about the Gossip Girl, and 2012 and 2011 about Grey's Anatomy (talk about sleepless nights and watching a whole season at once!), I didn't have a TV series that marked my 2014. I did watch the first season of The Carrie Diaries though (and started the second one), just because I used to dig Sex and the City and because I'd also read The Carrie Diaries book. Well, it's kinda interesting to see who the SATC Carrie once was, but not THAT interesting. I mean, it's mostly a teens' show. Plus I don't like how they totally reversed some things from the books - for example, in the book Carrie is left homeless in NYC and she crashes at Samantha's, who's got a good job and a flat and a fiance - in a few words, she's got her shit together. Unlike in the show, where actually Samantha is the one crashing at Carrie's and Carrie is the responsible one. I mean, it's not like that in SATC either, why make it unrealistic? But the thing I really love about the show is the music. Just search any The Carrie Diaries soundtrack online, it's a great mix of pop and rock songs from the 80s. 

I had probably never been more online than in 2014. I started taking my blog (more) seriously, browsing other people's blogs, finding recommendations on what to do/see wherever... I think I became a true online junkie. I mean, that's what people thought of me years before, but now I really don't want to imagine life that's offline for more than a couple of hours. That's normal, right? Right??

My favorite blog in the last year. Melyssa is just the sweetest and most positive gal there is. The Nectar Collective is all about inspiration, creativity, self development, DIY, blog advice... and her dog Monja! She really succeeded in making a pleasant and warm online space for think-alikes. I always leave her blog with a grin on my face. Give it a try!

I actually discovered this one in 2013, but in 2014 there was probably not one single day without listening to it. I'm still a voyeur though, meaning I don't have an account of my own, but I love finding random playlists. There seems to be a tag for everything. Want to listen to something while studying? They have it. Going through a heartbreak? They have it. Girls' night out? Just name it. One of my fav lists is this one.

Living in Berlin is great because a) there are SO MANY things to do, b) there are SO MANY websites telling you about those things. Stil in Berlin is my favorite one, because it's not only highly useful with its super awesome recommendations of places to shop / eat / enjoy, but it's also so classy. Their photos - amazing. Check it out, especially if you're going to Berlin any time soon!

Another blog - that is more of an online magazine. Written by Yara - a girl that has had a blog for many years and also written for a number of magazines - and her team. Inspiration, recipes, home decoration, outfits, places in Amsterdam... they sure know their things! I actually have some addresses of coffee places in Amsterdam written down in my phone for my next trip there and cannot wait to test them. I'm pretty sure they rock. Oh, and I also happened to meet Yara in a club in Amsterdam when I was there in November. So sweet and down-to-Earth. Bloggers rock.

Since I started college and moved to Belgrade, I couldn't resist entering a bookshop. Which did so much harm to my wallet, but buying books has always felt good! But then at some point I discovered that I'd bought 5-10 books that I haven't read because I didn't have time. Bummer. Then I moved abroad, and again passing by a bookstore was tremendously hard. Now, however, I knew I shouldn't pile too much because I would be changing countries, and heaven knows books are heavy. That's why I decided to buy a Kindle, and I love that gadget! It's saving place, I can carry it around the whole time, it's saving money, and well, woods! But have I read much more after having bought it than before? I hate to admit it, but no. That's why there are not many books here on the list. Still...

First I heard about the movie, and made a mental note that I should see it (everyone seemed to talk about it). Then I found out that it was based on a book and Joanna Goddard was so persuasive in this post that I downloaded it immediately. My oh my, it really is that good!! I was reading it before bed for like a week, and then one night it got so exciting that I stayed up until 4 - luckily it was weekend - and woke up the next day and started reading again, before even having breakfast or coffee, which is just so unusual for me! I never even knew I was into thrillers, but this is the book of the year, trust me! So well written. Even before the real action - husband suspected for the murder of his wife - I loved parts written by the wife... they were just like pieces I would want to have written myself, you could really tell how much in love she was, only to discover that... nah, I better stop before I reveal too much. Just read it! Oh, and watch the movie too, but there are some serious flaws in it that I think don't capture the real wife. 

I read this on my way to Warsaw in June and oh boy, the tears I cried! It is a bit touchy subject - kids dealing with cancer - but if you cut out the illness, they're just like normal teens with normal struggles and strivings. Smart for their age, funny, cute, silly in a good way. And with cancer. I would laugh and then burst into tears. I enjoyed reading this... in a way. Does that make me a masochist? 

Are you picking up any of the above?

What were your 2014 favorites? Please share! :)

Love, Tihana

P.S. 2014 Recap!
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