A Town or a Fairy Tale?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you have, like all the other people in the world except me, seen the movie In Bruges, then you probably know a lot about the town - or at least what it looks like. I didn't know anything - I heard that it's lovely and worth visiting, and I knew it was close enough to Brussels, so that's why I suggested my friends we could go there. On our first morning in Belgium we went straight to the train station and bought tickets to Bruges. A day's trip is enough to see the town and its beauty, all on foot. It really is wonderful! Probably the cutest and cosiest town I have ever been to. And we were lucky to have a great weather too!

Things to do in Bruges: visit the chocolate shops. Admire the medieval and medieval-like buildings. Take photos of this lovely picturesque town and its numerous canals. Take a ride in a boat (we didn't, though). If you're into fashion, you might be interested in the lace to freshen up some clothing garments and be a fashion yes yes this season - there are a lot of shops that sell lace, Bruges is known as a lace producer. But I read somewhere that you should be careful when purchasing lace in tourist areas, because sometimes it's not real Bruges lace, but from China.
And drink beer, don't forget the beer! (Sorry mum & dad. But you know you love me.)

My color :)

Photo Credits. The majority of photos is mine, but once more I took some from Tijana's camera - which means most of those are taken by her, but there are also some unknown contributors to this post. Thanks guys :)

And thank you all for stopping by and visiting Belgium through my blog. Next time we're travelling to the magical City of Light - that's right, Paris! Love, Tihana


  1. Predivan je, mnogo ga volim! ♥
    I Gent! Srce mi tamo ostade. :) Jesi li svraćala do njega?

    1. Nisam, a bilo je planirano... velika smo grupa bili i stoga mnogo spori :), na kraju je samo jedan drug otišao u Gent a ja sam ostala u Briselu, plašila sam se da neću stići da ga vidim uopšte. Gent čuvam za sledeću posetu Belgiji :))

  2. :) Svidza mi se kako pises :) ...metnuo sam te u ono da mi stizez stalno :))) ...

    Svrni do Alpa, od skora su otvorili Easyjet do Geneve ... :)


    1. Salimeee! <3 Hvala na komplimentu i pozivu. Al' rešila sam da se smirim malo i ostanem na istom mestu više od nekoliko dana. :D No, imaću ga na umu :) Pozdravi bolju polovinu! :)


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