The Drink of the Gods

Friday, April 25, 2014

What's your favorite part of the day? Are you a morning person or do you really start living your life in the evening, feeling energetic and ready to do all kinds of tasks? Quite a while ago I realised that my favorite part of the day is - coffee. A non-conventional answer, you would say. But it indeed is so, whether it's morning coffee I enjoy while checking my e-mail and wasting time on Facebook - or the afteernoon one, often the first moment of relaxing after a long day. 


I bought a giant mug in Paris. It's really pretty and I actually bought it for someone, but until I see that someone, I decided it shouldn't just stand alone in the cupboard. So I used it for coffee for two weeks. It really is giant - when my flatmate saw me having coffee out of it, he said "Coffee?! This is coffee?! This is a barrel!" - so you get the hint. But after a while I realized it's really huge and I'd have to force myself to drink everything - and I don't want to force myself into doing something I love. Back to the cupboard!

Anyway, hoping that you're coffee addicts like me, today I'm sharing this lovely infographic from the Daily Infographic website. What they don't mention, though, is that the number one country in coffee consumption per capita is Finland - is anybody still wondering why I loved the country?? :) 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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