Weekend Reads #126

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Now, it would seem I have a complicated relationship with this blog. I don't. I love it, maybe not as much as seven-ish (seven??????) years ago, but it's very dear to me and I cannot imagine forgetting to pay for the domain name and letting it all go. On the other hand, it's been years since I was devoted to this little piece of the interwebs.  Rumor has it no one actually reads blogs anyway. Um, I kind of do? Well, people have expressed their preference for a video format, and that's something I doubt you will ever see me doing. And how would Weekend Reads even work as a video? Exactly :) so here I am, having fun just occasionally, hoping it's good enough. Chasing perfection is so last decade. And I hope you can have fun as well. That being said, enjoy this week's Weekend Reads. I hope you're well, I hope lockdowns, isolations, and the like haven't messed up with your head and your life too much, and I just hope you're at piece. At times, that might be the hardest thing you can work on, but one of the most important ones. 

The Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira broke her own world record for the largest wave surfed by a woman. 

This precious guy!!

Sounds of the forests around the world. I closed my eyes and went to Finland. Or at least played make-believe. 

Are you really listening to what the other person is saying? 

Haha, an actually useful guide to not being on your phone all the time. Always on the phone or in near proximity of it, eh!

Loved these photos of Yakutia. (Where?!) 

The rise of Instagram therapists.

I’m not a great fan of chaos (who is?), but I loved this video. Though I must admit, I especially loved the parts filmed backwards!

This was a really cool read. The Guardian’s advice columnist wrote about the secrets to a fulfilled life that he gathered throughout the years.

These two friends have been writing haikus to each other every day in the pandemic. Be still my heart!

I love this so much and I’ve been needing it so much recently.

Have a lovely weekend!

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