Weekend Reads #74

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of Weekend Reads last week, but things have been hectic around here, and still kind of are. Two things you didn't know about me: I hate moving and I love routine. Coming from someone who moved 16 times in the previous 10 years—enough reasons to be hating it, right?! Actually, I don't hate the going-somewhere-new (or old!) part; it's the packing that's driving me crazy. Apparently, no matter how much I try to not hoard unnecessary items, I always end up with impossible amounts of things. Of everything. So that's why it's hard to read as much online as on regular days... but anyway, I managed to find some interesting reads for you this week. Enjoy!

If you read last Reads (do so if you haven't ;)), one of the stories might have led you to check out further links they referred to. In case it didn't, here they are, because they're awesome. Venus with biceps (😍 strong is not the NEW sexy, apparently!), and 150 years of lesbians and other lady-loving-ladies.

I loved this project so much, because finally somebody thought of it! I felt rage and sickness every time somebody would pose in this place or just act silly and take photos. The photos that made the project are not available online anymore, but read this nevertheless.

17 awesome ways to stay organized in 2017. I try to do them more or less regularly, but it's good to keep them all in one place. By the way, we could all use a reminder to clean spaces under our beds and/or linen closets... am I right or am I right? ;)

Apparently I'm late to the party, but still, check these illustrations out! Done by a Serbian illustrator living in Paris. 

When I published my last post, the one on why I loathe the concept of a life coach on my Facebook profile, my friend Nastia posted this article alongside her comment. I think it's great! "Mindfulness is supposed to be a defense against the pressures of modern life, but it’s starting to feel suspiciously like it’s actually adding to them. It’s a special circle of self-improvement hell, striving not just for a Pinterest-worthy home, but a Pinterest-worthy mind." Yes!!! Make sure to read the rest, as it's really good.

You could also read that post of mine I just mentioned: why I will never hire a life coach and why I think you shouldn't too. The response was far more positive than I had anticipated.

Yes, you do live in a bubble, both offline and online. (Especially relevant if you're from the US.)

My favorite American girl Alyssa just moved from New Jersey, the state she spent her whole life in, and wrote a personal story on how to move to New York that I really enjoyed reading.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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