Weekend Reads #41

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hi people, and welcome to another round of Weekend Reads! I hope you had a lovely week. I started getting up at 7 every day. OK, not weekends. It's been awesome, I hadn't been doing it since high school, but I still haven't reached that point where I actually get up and, well, get LOADS of stuff done like I could. But baby steps, baby steps! Where do you get your motivation for, um, life, anyway? I'm finding it really hard to concentrate. A friend sent me this Chrome plugin and it's rather scary, but it's still not moving me as much as it should. Any ideas would be highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

What it's like to deal with literary rejection. For a pick-me-up when you fail at reaching a goal, whatever it may be.

Why you shouldn't be a voluntourist. Ugh, this was a bitter read, but an excellent one. I actually applied to be a UN volunteer a year ago (still no sign from them), but this made me wonder how much I actually wanted to do that for the people I would be helping. I didn't like my answer.

A blog that posts one-photo posts and that you'll love to follow.

How it feels to live above a business in NYC.

A brief history of swearing in movies. Loved it!

An Asian American in Asia. This got me thinking so much. I love that we're in the time when you can just move out of a country and live abroad and come back home or stay abroad and make it your new home, but on the other hand, we have this. Serbs have emigrated country intensively for a century now, looking for a better life, and it's no rare to hear or read that no matter what, nowhere feels like home, and no people are as warm as Serbs. And while the latter is nonsense, there is something about being able to connect with people who you share your roots and culture with in a different way than with those who don't. I say this as someone who has lived abroad for a while now, and not as a good thing - or a bad one either. It just is.

Japan looks so, so awesome! I really want to make it to Japan in 2016, but I think it's highly unlikely. 2017, pretty please? Will you be good to me?

Say yes to less or how to get rid of FOMO.

Love, Tihana

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