Weekend Reads #21

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hi there, people, can you believe it's May already?! I know!! How was your last week? Done anything interesting yesterday for the Labor day? I stayed in and enjoyed barbecue made by my Dad. That's pretty close to a perfect celebration, actually :)

Here is my weekly choice of cool links around the Web, and please do share some you stumble upon here in the comments or on Twitter. You can also follow me there if you haven't already :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Fashion and Internet - can it get any better? 

A guide for parents: Why is your millennial crying?
(If you like the drawings and the witty style, check this out, I've already written about Gemma.)

A good read I could totally relate to. (Feel free to share your thoughts on this. I too deleted my Gmail account from my phone, and now I check my email 'manually' only when I'm out and expecting something really important. Of course, the notion of important is a whole different topic.)

Foodies you should try in the Netherlands. (Bitterballen should be made an international thing!)

Find postcard pals and have postcards from all over the world.

What were they thinking?! A truly silly safety-on-plane video.

Love, Tihana

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