Weekend Reads #22

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I hate it when I'm late with Weekend Reads so it doesn't really make sense to ask you what you are up to for the weekend, because half of it was already gone. What have you been doing yesterday, then, and what are you up today? I think I rested a bit too much, because I'm overwhelmed with how much work I have to do, but you know those days when you just don't want to can't get out of the bed? Yeah, yesterday was such a day. Hopefully today I'm in full swing again.

Here's my weekly choice of places from around the web. I hope you enjoy!

Brandon Stanton (my not-so-secret-not-so-celeb crush) at Met Gala: "I had some great conversations with celebrities. Each of them rejected my interview request in a unique and special way." (In case you don't know, Stanton is the author of the Humans of New York.)

A beautiful letter to her 20-year-self by Garance Dore. If you had to choose only one thing to read from this list, I'd urge you to choose this one.

What real love looks like - illustrations by a Korean artist. Would it be too cheesy to admit these pictures made me want to fall in love?

The difference between living in San Francisco and NYC. Well, according to this, I'd choose SF! What about you?

10 of Berlin's best Instagrammers. And as Berlin truly is one of my biggest inspirations, make sure to follow me on Instagram too! :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone.



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