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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just like reading makes a (better) writer, reading blogs makes a better blogger. Or maybe it doesn't, but it's just given: if you blog, it means you read other blogs. A lot of them. Sometimes you have troubles limiting the amount of information you devour on the daily basis, but hey, it's just one of the sides of blogging. From personal entries, blogs have become much, much more. There's a crazy amount of usefulness you can find on various blogs. You lack ideas of what to make for lunch, want to go to a vacation somewhere cheap but nice, wonder what you could do to brighten up your walls or desk, have an idea for a business but don't know how to get there... Don't worry, someone has probably blogged about it and shared the wisdom! But what you will do once you discover their range of other awesome topics and posts... that's up to you. No, I'm not grinning, and yes, you're an adult who knows what they're doing *wink*

Anyway, because sharing is caring, I wanted to share some of my favorite travel blogs. Whether you're looking for information or just amazing photos, they more often than not have both. Plus the people behind them are usually awesome, so you'll enjoy reading them.

If you don't know about this one, you've probably been hiding under a rock for the past two years or so. Brooke Saward is an Aussie who bought a one-way ticket to London after graduating and not really knowing what she wanted to do. So she traveled to Europe solo and wrote about her adventures. Soon she became a real hit, and she's been on the road for quite some time now, leading us to every country imaginable, having a great time and writing about it. Her website is full of every resource travel related you might think you could need: how and when to book cheap flights, how to get to the business class, what to do here and what there, lists of places you should go to if you love this or that... Recently a number of other girls joined the website, and they're blogging about London, Berlin, New York and Sidney from a local's perspective. But apart from all the info about travel, what Brooke is really insisting on is that everyone should follow their dreams. That's what she did, and seeing her hopping from one continent to another, it really feels like the only path one should follow.

Unlike Brooke who doesn't have a permanent address and calls hotel beds her home, Amanda from Living in Another Language is an American expat in New Zealand. What's with the title, you may ask? Before moving to NZ, she and her husband lived in South Korea and taught English. The blog is full of expat experience and advice on how to cope, as well as a lot of info on how to move to NZ on a working holiday visa (what the two of them did). Also, while they lived in Korea, they traveled a lot to other destinations in Asia, so there are both travel diaries and tips and tricks on the blog. Last but not least, Amanda is quite good at photography so that's another area she shares on the blog. Look up her guide to night photography, and seriously, how beautiful is New Zealand?!

This is a new kid on the block... in a way. Hand Luggage Only, a blog by two university graduates, is only a year old. Of course, in today's terms, it's sure a lot, and Yaya and Lloyd indeed accomplished a lot in this period. I've been following them almost from the very beginning so it was cool watching them grow! They share an awful lot of simple tips and tricks on visiting different countries in Europe, Asia and Americas. If you plan on living in London, also make sure to stop by, because here you can find info on how to find a flat in the city, where to eat, what to do... I enjoy photos of London every time I feel the urge to travel there. It doesn't happen that rarely, trust me.

Hope Engaged is run by the lovely Katie from California. Katie and her husband lived in Nepal for a while, before that she lived in Italy, Thailand and Kenya. They're now based back in the US but use every moment possible to hop off somewhere! In a number of instances Katie has shared how they actually do that, because they're just normal people with regular incomes. Apart from the advice on every destination she visits, what I really love about Katie's blog is her amazing photography. It's just so beautiful, and when I think of Hope Engaged, sunny photos with bright blue skies and a lot of color just pop in my mind! And another thing she shares on the blog... her outfits. Rarely or never worth more than $10. Yes, the whole outfits! She buys her clothes at yard sales at ridiculous prices, and her style is so feminine and pretty, that I can just envy Americans for having this concept. 

Do you read travel blogs? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear!

Also, make sure to check out all of the above and leave them some love :)

Love, Tihana

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