Weekend Reads #24

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bloggers deserve a break sometime. That's all I'm ever saying about the last week's missed #WeekendReads, and I hope you forgive me. (Of course you do, I doubt anyone even noticed the lack of the post, but I guess we're a bit vain sometimes.) So here are my favorites of this week. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

First humans emerged in Africa. Here's how they then migrated.

On the same note: Amanda Seyfried and her dog. Fantastic.

In the meantime, my mom bought some edible pets I hoped could make up for a dog... but nah, they don't cuddle and don't play and are actually scared of me. Still, fluffy and cute! 

I wonder, though, if they'd obey the London duck lanes! :)

I might be cold-hearted, but science agrees with me: sleeping alone is better!

This girl is great.

Eleven years after Mean Girls, here's one deleted scene from it.

And the one that made my week: a great way to stay healthy

What are your plans for the weekend, friends? Have a good one.

Love, T.


  1. Yeah, sleeping alone is great. Going to check that article and get some science on my side ;) have an awesome weekend!

  2. I was too happy when I found the article because I honestly love sleeping alone. Might print it out and paste it next to the bed, just as a warning :) thank you A. and have a good one yourself! P.S. I hate to admit I was a bad runner for the whole past month (gasp!), but yesterday I went out for a practice and actually continued where I left off. I was in awe with myself! (We're allowed to sometimes, right? :))

  3. Great job! And yes, we are absolutely allowed. Keep it up! ;)


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