Weekend Reads #101

Friday, September 13, 2019

I thought I would publish this one yesterday because I'm going on a vacation in two hours aaaah! But here I am still in my apartment, I pushed for a later bus that won't compromise our flight anyway, maybe lunch, but that's about it :) I'm flying to Rome tonight, and if you were around five years ago when I went for the first time, you might remember my awe. I cannot believe it's been five years since I first visited the most beautiful city in the world that also prompted me to set a goal of living there sometime before my 30th birthday. I guess that was the time I thought life ends after your 30th! Honestly, I wouldn't have minded trading a year in New Zealand for three months in Rome, though it would make going to Australia a bit more difficult. Anyway, I'm super excited, last time I was just as excited because I didn't know what to expect, this time I know that the beauty in the Apennine Peninsula is awaiting me, and I am over the moon. This is also one of the several examples of me going somewhere I have been before instead of discovering something new because I just love it so much! (Others would include London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Oz.) My Italian is rusty but I know just enough to indulge in a long weekend of pasta, gelato, and sightseeing! See you next week!

How to stop being shy. Haha, sorry, it won't teach you how to stop being shy, but it's super funny.

Hahaha, this guy got the exact hairstyle he was going for—maybe a little too literal...

Salvador Dali illustrated Alice in Wonderland. A perfect combination, if you ask me!

There are people who show up at the airport hours before their check-in...  (parents!) and then there's the other kind.

People-watching in New York! Love this, one of my favorite types of photos to take!

Don't you just love oddly satisfying videos?!

Class rage—the feeling that all her friends and colleagues are wealthier, and she'll never be able to catch up. A painful read.

I laughed at this solution for boobs on the beach, and of course I loved it!

Wow, look at these beautiful waves! Link via a work colleague—many thanks to her :) 

Have a lovely weekend!


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