Weekend Reads #84

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello folks, how is everyone? We're melting here in Europe. I don't remember ever having had such a hot summer. Maybe it really is the hottest; or maybe my long memory refuses to keep such data. But to the contrary of the weather, my life is real fast at the moment, as if someone pressed "fast forward". Honestly, it's really stressful, and I don't see it ending before September, and who knows for how long. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed, and in the meantime, I'll share more. For now, here are some links you might enjoy. 

An interesting view on travel blogging that had never occurred to me before and now I feel a bit ashamed. Also, I don't know how wise it is to share it on a travel blog, but here goes: why a travel blogger doesn't believe in encouraging people to travel. A great read.

On the same note: a guide to responsible summer travel. Important!

Hummingbird flight in slow motion. Did you know that they flap their wings up to 100 times in a second?!

This was so fun: Pablo Escobar's hippos

Crazy US laws—photographed. 

I had no idea about this. (Also, my date: April 5th. Shocking. What's yours?)

The whole movie is out! I have either published the trailer here or just saw it, and the movie is only 4 minutes and super cute.

Have a great weekend!


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