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Monday, August 21, 2017

I just moved to New Zealand!

Some of you might remember me moving back to my home country—Serbia—last year. Back then I was excited at the prospect of a fresh start, yet not entirely fresh, it being somewhere I had known, surrounded by my own language, my people, habits and mentality I knew. But almost a year and a half later, I know how naive I was. I'll skip the details—at least for now—and just briefly tell you I felt I needed to dig deeper. My love for Germany remains strong, probably forever. But the world is so big, y'know? I don't know where I wish to settle, but I want to know. That I do know for sure: I do wish to settle. :) Anyway, the strange intro is to confirm the first sentence: I just moved to New Zealand. 

Honestly, it still sounds surreal. Still, here I am in a living room that doesn't feel like New Zealand, but it definitely is in New Zealand. What does New Zealand feel like, anyway? I don't know yet. I've only been here for a couple of days. We'll see.

I'm a bit confused, which has happened in the past several times when I would find myself in a new place that was supposed to be my home for some time. Plus, I'm really jet lagged. Ten hours time difference is HUGE. I'm looking forward to establishing a routine and wandering around. I'm based in Auckland and from what I've heard, the city has a great coffee culture. And you know me when it comes to coffee. :) 

OK, I get that this was a rather strange train of thought. Forgive me—as I said, jet lag is big with this one. Soon enough I'll start posting new content, as I still owe tons some from my European travels, as well as some other travel and lifestyle related articles, and that is, of course, before I start with tons of New Zealand. Stay tuned :)

Love, Tihana

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