Six Months Later—Where I Am With My New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello there! While everyone else does their designated check-ins and weekly and monthly reviews and what not either on the last day of the week/month or the day after, well, it seems running late can be my charming feature. Not that charming? Oh, okay. I thought…

Well, July 1st or 27th, I guess the story is the same. Did I enjoy the second quarter of the year? I hated it. I hated it so much and I still hate the thought of it. Six months ago I wrote here this “might be the greatest year of my life if I make it so”. Well, that was optimistic. Six months later my life is falling apart and I’m this little fella. But hey, if I’m able to crack a joke or two or write about it and not sobbing at the thought of EVERYTHING… I guess I’m fine. (Though I am sobbing quite often. Yeah, I was always that girl.)

Did I fail in making this a great year? I think it’s half my fault, half the fault of the circumstances. Yes, yes, I know the internetz are going mad about dream it and be it, blah, blah, but honestly? I’m not sure you can dream it and be it if you’re quite anxious about the bills and making ends meet. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, anyone? Still, I’d hate it to not be fair and honest and not share with you how I did for the last three months when it comes to my New Year’s Resolutions. So here goes… 

Write. I didn’t write. I rewrote a bunch of articles for a so-called internship I did, though. I hate every second of the experience and once I let it all cool I’ll definitely write about it. You know why living in a poor country sucks? OK, it sucks because of a million things. But internships are mostly unpaid and last forever and interns are treated like free labor. Which they are. But hey, you get expeeeerience. Booo!

Blog regularly. I didn’t quite, did I? You know what the other reason internships suck is? You’re tired once you come home and you really cannot bear to look at the computer again and actually do something meaningful. All the energy has been drained from you, so you can have a cup of coffee, read a bit, maybe work out, and then sleep. So you could get up tomorrow and hit the office. Boo!

Work out. Last time I wrote all about my passion for the gym. There’s even a separate blog post! I said I had no intention of stopping, but alas… OK, I didn’t stop, in fact, I got from the gym some hours ago. But I had bunch of short and long breaks and I somehow lost the mojo. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going, so I don’t go. (Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be seeing posts on organization and getting shit done here anytime soon.) And then when I go, I feel really good. So if there were a way to skip the GOING part… teleportation, maybe?

Read. Oh, my goal for the year (having read 24 books) is definitely failing! My kindle died. The battery died. It used to last for about a month, now it’s only like two days, no matter if I read or not. I’m supposed to order a new one (battery! Not kindle! This girl ain’t got no money for that!), but I guess it’s not up high in my list of priority purchases. And that’s sad. In the meantime, I brought some books from home. How about six books until the end of summer? That sounds reasonable.

Watch 52 movies (at least!). If we’re to say I was supposed to watch half of it in the first half of year, I don’t think I made it. I used to write down all the movies I’d seen in my cellphone, but—here comes something super interesting—I lost my phone. Say, a perfect thing that can happen to someone who bought it half a year ago and isn’t really in a place to buy a new one without feeling it heavily? I think I might have seen 15 so far. Hey, I’ve got another half of the year, don’t judge! *insert sad emoji*

Read Lord of the Rings trilogy & watch the movies. As I said last time: sorry, Tolkien. G.R.R. Martin got in the way.

Drink enough water. At least something I’m good at!!! But lately it’s been so freaking hot in Belgrade that it’d be really weird not to drink water. I mean, you just need it. Mmm, water. Yum!

Stay away from the phone before & after bed. Damn, home come I cannot work on my own NY resolutions?! It’s not like someone else told me Tihana, stay away from your phone.

So, that would be it. I honestly (HONESTLY!) hope you’re doing better than I am. Put some effort, will you? I’m now talking to both you and me.

Talk to you soon!


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