Welcome to the Hipster Kingdom

Monday, September 8, 2014

I once thought Kreuzberg was my favorite part of Berlin. It's fun - cobblestone streets, cute cafes on the pavements, a lot of greenery, hipsters, immigrants and their stores, what more could you ask for? But then I went to Friedrichshein. Friedrichshein is WOW! While I find Kreuzberg more relaxed and laid-back, with people eating vegan stuff and drinking beer lazily while sitting on the sidewalk, sipping coffee and working on a computer in a coffeeshop, Friedrichshein is so alive. For example, when you arrive at Warschauer Strasse station, probably the first thing you will hear is a singer or a band busking outside of the station. Turn to your right and cross the bridge, you will find punks on their couches on the street with little cardboard boxes saying something like PLEASE DONATE FOR WEED.

Walk by the punks and then down the metal stairs on the right. Then, if you're like me, meaning liking everything alternative but not really being a textbook example of it... you might even feel a little bit uncomfortable, because you've just entered the Hipster kingdom! At least I felt very weird the first time I got there and just wanted somebody by my side who I could talk to about what I was seeing!

What I here called the hipster kingdom is actually Urban Spree - place for contemporary artists and urban culture, hosting all kinds of events, from Berlin Fashion Week to Summer Fashion Market  I wrote about, Street Food Markets, art exhibitions and installations, flea market on Sundays... It has several cafes/bars with cool big gardens where you can have a beer, a smoothie or of course - eat a currywurst or something vegetarian. If you feel like having an ice-cream, hop over to Neue Heimat and find Jones' ice-cream truck with the most delicious virgin mojito ice-cream I've ever had...! (Truth be told, though, a scoop is more expensive than elsewhere in the city, but it's so good it's worth it.) Or you can also have some home-made cookies. 

One of the buildings I loved was the skating hall, a huge building with basically nothing inside except for 180 degrees platform for skating. It was possible to watch skaters. I couldn't get my eyes off them for like half an hour, because they were so skilled and brave. And some of them were age of my parents - how cool is that?! No girls that night unfortunately, but I hope there are some. :)

By the way, this whole place is a former railway station. I'm impressed what an abandoned place turned into.

How to get there: Urban Spree is in Revaler Str, Berlin Friedrichshein,
walking distance from Warschauer Str. U+S Bahnhof (U1, S5, S7, S75).

Do you like this kind of urban environment? Would you take a stroll down such a place, or would you prefer a calm and 'common' :) place to have your beer? Please share :)

I hope you have a great week - lots of love!


  1. I still think Kreuzberg is my favorite part of Berlin. :)
    Mozda sam samo prekratko u Berlinu!
    Danas sam prvi put na tvom blogu i dopada mi se, fotografije su super, odoh sad da ga precesljam uzduz i popreko. :)

  2. Dobro došla i hvala ti na komentaru! Krojcberg je divan, ali idi do Warschauer Str. i prošetaj okolo, vrlo je živahno i simpatično :)


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