Weekend Reads #58

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi there! If anyone noticed I hadn't posted WeekendReads last week, that's because I was in Azerbaijan, obviously, and even though I had brought my laptop along, I rarely had the time to look at it, if we count out the time spent getting ready in the evenings when we would play a song or two on YouTube—but not more, because, well, lack of time. The schedule was so busy it reminded me of similar programs I attended in high school, which is, truth be told, ages ago. I was constantly tired and felt like an old grandma for going to bed at 2 AM every night, when people were basically starting to have fun. Well, the people were also younger than me and if it's not scientifically proven you can stay up longer without any consequences when you're young, it should be. Aaanyway, post(s?) on Azerbaijan coming some time soon, and in the meantime, here's what you can do today.

For those of you (i.e. everyone) who ever wondered why Greek statues have such small penises.

I left my Mac adapter in the hotel (the brainz, really!) and that led me to find out about different plug types in the world.

OK, is everyone playing Pokemon Go? I'm not; I never followed the cartoon (is it a cartoon at all?) so I don't find it interesting. I did like these photos though.

But! I found these stories on how Pokemon Go is helping people with their mental health really touching.

Talking about 'touching'... I (think I) rarely mention my singledom here on the blog, but this article is a great one that really resonated with me. Worth reading if you're single, and especially if you're not but someone close to you is.

I stumbled upon this movie yesterday evening so I'm now planning to watch the whole thing. Some good actors!

What happens when you try to stay silent for 10 days—I laughed out loud a lot! A great piece of writing! (And as a friend of mine wondered, why would anyone do that in the first place?!)

A story of a fuck off fund. A really important one.

Lessons on forgiving yourself and letting go. I feel I should read this every day.

Have a great Sunday, friends!


Photo via Visual Hunt

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