Weekend Reads #51

Saturday, May 14, 2016

First (kind of) work week done. Me: super tired but super proud of myself. I think "enchanted" was the word my boss for the time being used on Day 1 (OK haha it's not that I think so, she did literally say she was enchanted with me). But apart from that I've been spending my free time working at home (yes, feel free to pity me); it's a copyediting gig that's taking my eyes and soul. I haven't had a proper social outing in what seems to be years, though it's only been weeks. ONLY?! Am I listening to myself? There are literally dozens of people in this city I want to see, but I don't have time. I've written pieces on time management, I've read even more, but here I am, feeling like this dog. I don't even know how I managed to write this post. It's only six of the links this time—SORRY—but still: where did I get them? When? How? I don't remember. Must have been taking a five-minute break from work. Anyway, enjoy!

15 things people who love to sleep truly understand. I do. I truly do. I think I mentioned it on this blog once, but I wish sleeping could be counted as a hobby. That'd be the best one.

This one is a bit sad and makes you think: half of your friends don't think of you as a friend. And no, it isn't because they see you in a romantic way (that was what I thought at the sight of the title). Thanks, Dunja, for this one!

This is one of my absolute favorite reads recently, and I know it's super long but trust me, I took a break from it and came back two days later because I wanted to know how it ends! It's about two Canadian guys in America who discovered their parents were Russian spies. And they had no idea their parents were Russian in the first place! Supposedly, the TV show The Americans is partly based on them, so if you've seen it and liked it don't miss this story. Well, just don't miss it. I LOVED it!

I took a break from Twitter recently, and coming back I realized that a lot of negativity in my life was on hold because it was actually coming from the frustrated Tweeters. So here's a perfect read: "...if he decides one voice is too shrill, too self-promotional or too dull, he will declutter". I must keep this article in mind and get rid of the people in my feed that annoy me.

Long-distance relationship: what's your take on them? Here's how it works between New York City and Missouri. I loved the story.

I don't know if I love the illustrations or the stories better! It's all so true and so beautifully drawn. For more daily life struggles by the same author, visit her page.

Enjoy the weekend, guys!

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