Weekend Reads #50

Saturday, May 7, 2016

You might remember that last week I told you I was traveling to my parents' for the weekend. Actually it was a week, and it can be described in a few words. Manual labor and lots of food. I went to bed yesterday evening with a feeling my belly was stuffed with pounds and pounds of solid rock. But here I am back in Belgrade and getting ready to hit the gym. OK, tomorrow. I'm still chilling today. Kind of like food jet lag. Anyway, here are some cool links from around the web! Enjoy the weekend!

Charts you'll understand if you have a sister.

These people promise to plant a tree whenever they sell one of the Arbo necklaces. Let's plant, then! (Btw they are from Serbia :))

This is what happens when you're a Japanese toddler transplanted to Paris.

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