Weekend Reads #52

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello there, and I hope you're well and healthy! I spent three days in bed and it was a great reminder to take better care of myself. Which I usually do, but my newly established schedule was all like "hello and here's a greeting from hell, let's see if you can keep up with me". Well, obviously I have to try harder. So, here's a quick go-to list for both you and me: 1. go to the gym (or do any other form of exercise), 2. drink plenty of water, 3. eat home-cooked meals, yes, Tihana, I'm talking to you, 4. have enough sleep, 5. don't hate your circumstances even when you think you couldn't possibly feel anything else. Bonus tip: spend time outside. I never manage to. I hope I will. Anyway, here are some links for you to check out...

I've been listening to this for a week now. Quite soothing. I feel anxious in silence, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by "regular" music. This was pretty great.

After quite a while I'm preparing a travel-themed post, so here's something in the same spirit: a (great, may I add!) packing list for female travelers.

I'm hesitant about buying some plane tickets because... well, price. Here's why plane tickets are expensive.

Pornhub launches a way to stay fit. Hilarious video! #NSFW :)

A long read but a good one on healthy and "healthy" eating. Basically all you need to know if you're considering going gluten free.

Motivational and living-with-purpose talk aside, I think these questions are really useful for a good talk with yourself.

Enjoy! Tihana

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