Weekend Reads #42

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hi lovely people, and happy Friday to you! How has your week been? Mine was slow and nice, with a great message in my Facebook inbox that kind of shook it a little: I think I'm going to India later this year! My friend Varsha is getting married (!!!) so she invited us (=people from my master's) to the wedding in August. I am super excited about it! And actually, the day before I watched this video and thought how wonderful it was and made a vague plan to go to India next year in March, to celebrate Holi. The universe sometimes listens - it's not Holi, but hey, an Indian wedding - and what's better, a wedding of a friend!

Also, I'll be publishing another post today that I would like you to check out, so if you have time, stop by later today. Thanks in advance!

And as always, here are the links for the weekend.

I already wrote about Brooke, so here's another article on her experiences as a successful travel blogger.

Probably one of the saddest videos on YouTube. (But click anyway!)

On finding a soul mate. I burst into laughter at one point (but won't be telling you which one. Go on and read!).

50 ways happier, healthier, and more successful people live on their own terms. Or so they say. When I saw the first point, I was like "OK closing the tab", but you might find it relevant. (Also: would you give up coffee?? I see it's a huge trend in the blogosphere now - I guess bloggers needed to find something else to differ from people around them, so now they're trendy and hip by not having coffee. So pretentious, if you ask me.)

OF COURSE cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs. Cheese is one of the best things ever.

I am yet to read this, but the title sounds promising. So I'll just leave it here and if it's not good enough, sorry!

Banana pancakes for breakfast, anybody? Here's a recipe (I made them the other day and liked them; I'm not completely sure I would have liked them had they been made by someone else; I might have been like "WHAT is this?!", but they surely made a decent breakfast), as well as some other breakfast recipes. By the way, you could browse around Masha's blog. She's a German fashion blogger and in my opinion so different from what a usual fashion blogger is like! For instance, you can read this or this. (Or both, if you'd like.)

My camera seems to be broken somehow, so I might find this useful: how to buy a used camera online. (Though I hope it can be fixed, because I'm not really in a place where I can afford a new camera... brand new or a used one, nevertheless.)

The other day I tried Korean for the first time here. The place is a charm! But the dish was way too hot, and I usually speak of myself as a lover of spicy food. Any suggestions? What is a must-try Korean dish? I don't want this disappointment to be the end of my experience with Korean food. :) 

I hope you have a great weekend. Have fun, whatever you do!


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