Weekend Reads #43

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello people, a week seems to pass by quite quickly... not really happy about it, haha. (Is anyone ever?? Unless, of course, while anticipating something awesome - definitely not the case here.) How is everyone? As you might have read, I started fundraising for my participation at Merit360 program this summer in the States. It's a great program I really believe in and cannot wait to get there! That is, if I get the visa (gahhh, I hate that I'm not the ideal candidate for a US visa! I just want to visit, you guys! I won't be staying and I don't want to live/work there... anybody from the Embassy reading this? Haha). Anyway, I'd love it if you checked out my fundraising page here. Thanks!

And as usual, here are some cool links from around the web...

Ever heard of sleep mafia? I hadn't either before I read this article on making money using homeless people in India.

How litter can become a new life. Loved this simple solution!

Want to sleep in Van Gogh's room? Now you can. Well, kind of.

I had a good laugh with this. I think the world needs more people saying what other people do is bullshit. (When it really is, of course.)

How to make a killer first impression. Some really good tips.

AMAZING advice on how to up your saving game. I'm all up to that as you know from this and this post from previous year, but also because I'm trying to get to the States.

Don't just insult someone, insult them like Shakespeare.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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