Weekend Reads #4

Friday, November 21, 2014

I cannot believe that I never blog if I don't have the time, yet I don't want to miss this new feature I introduced on Fridays. But I guess if I cannot offer you my traveling adventures or something else I've come up with, it's only fair to make it up to you with some links to keep you occupied. And those deffo take less time to be delivered to you. So, here we go.

It's the National Peanut Butter Month in the US. Why not make it international?! My favorite uses of peanut butter: on a sandwich with slices of banana (they say it was also Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich), or in a morning oatmeal.

My favorite topic: traveling. What travel will teach you to say no to, from the amazing travel blog Hand Luggage Only.

Have you ever been to Norway? I spent a month in Trondheim back in 2009, and seeing these pictures and recommendations made me jump with excitement and memories. OK not literally jump, but you know what I mean. Anyway, check it out, you might just want to go. :)

Mauerpark karaoke in Berlin, one of the first places I ever visited in the city (I mentioned it on the blog back in 2013). Would you dare??

This is exactly what my last two laptops purchase looked like. I'm the heart, of course. 

How many of these do you know? I obviously haven't read enough British literature.

Some really good advice on writing in English, for both natives and non-natives (woohoo!).

Bad habits develop easily... but I want to develop a good one: get up earlier! If you want to join me, or just have a less stressful morning, check this out.

An interesting blend, because why not.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you are!



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