Weekend Reads #3

Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello lovlies!

So, as you can see, my last post is from last Friday, which means I'd had a very busy week at uni. I have to admit that I started counting the days to the Christmas break, which also means going home! I need a break. Two days in Amsterdam over the weekend were great, but I need more, haha! Amsterdam is, by the way, such a cutie, and currently it's nr. 2 in my list "most beautiful cities in the world". (Do you remember which one is the first?)

This weekend will be devoted to a lot of decluttering: I decided I had too many things in my wardrobe I rarely ever wear (one needs space for new season's items, right?!), and plus, you wouldn't believe the condition of my Downloads folder. I just cleaned my Desktop a bit, it was such a mess, I wasn't able to see the background properly. Now it's all neat and clean, and I have this as the background.

So here are the links for this weekend. I hope you have an awesome one!

Things people with wanderlust understand. I relate the most to the last one, and it's both the best and the worst thing about traveling. Because you have to leave at one point. That's why I will never feel the same about Finland, Berlin or Rome again.

Speaking of Finland, here are some awesome Finnish foodies and recipes for you to try them! Karjalanpiirakka, piparkakku, ruisleipa, kalakeitto... mmmm.... and I would kill for some kiisseli. I loved kiisseli on cold winter nights.

Still in the realm of food - what do kids around the world eat for breakfast? If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my Dutch breakfast last week. :)

I mentioned decluttering, so that might also mean taking care of your inbox. Here's how to organize it perfectly.

I followed this guy on Instagram and he and his dog are driving me crazy! Can you spot the dog? I can rarely do it, I check Instagram more on my phone than I do on the computer. So many details, such a small dog, haha!

And now for some photos of a cat. A big one. Not saying more.

Moving on to photos of people. Nude portraits. But wait, it's not what you think it is! Check it out.

Having a broken heart? Take some aspirin. Wow. I wish I'd known this before.

Reading right now. I prefer reading the book before watching the movie, and this one is so good, I'm suffering every time I have to put it down because I have to work. Totally recommend it!!!

Harry Potter fans special - the whole story in 8 posters!

And if you love traveling as much as I do (on second thought, who doesn't?!), make sure to check out this and this for free trips to Rio and Amsterdam, you might be the lucky one! 



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