Weekend Reads #5

Friday, November 28, 2014

Taking baby steps to reviving the blog again. (Posted a late Instagram update yesterday). And not missing the Weekend Reads. I'm actually quite happy to prepare these posts, every time I read something new I wonder if it would suit Weekend Reads. Well, I hope I'm bringing some fun/interesting/useful content here!

I stumbled upon this ages ago, but I still love it.

Amazing illustrations by the talented Alex Noriega! I was so sad to see the last post is from May. If you want to see the real 'stuff no one told me', jump over to 2011. You'll love it!

Delicate art inspired by some ordinary things you pass by without noticing.

When you want to talk about something online, but don't really want to strengthen its position in the search engines.

Simple gifts to give to your body. Stay healthy - and beautiful.

But it's totally ok not to resist cakes from time to time. Here are some international recipes.

Could you live in this place? I couldn't, it's just... too much.

How many cities can you recognize? I must admit I wasn't so good. :)

What do you plan to do over the weekend? I've got a lot of thinking to do. I know it sounds funny, but I'm going back home in two weeks and have to develop two experiments by then. Keep your fingers crossed!

Love, Tihana

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